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Hi. Thanks so much for your visit! We are a digital storefront for parents and their kids who want to explore, adventure and find treasure in the things of God, and our shop exists to provide tools for the journey. 

Last year, we created Cardechism, a deck of 25 illustrated catechism cards for parents and kids to dive into the Bible basics together. We also launched our "Let's Go" adventure kits, which sends parents and their kids on a journey into nature to discover hidden treasures, check off challenges and earn badges for their hard work! For 2024, we are working on a lineup of interactive reading and music-related products to help get your kids further engaged with ideas from God's word.  Stay tuned!

How did life begin?
What does God require of me?
How do I know if I'm "born again"?


We all have questions about God and the world around us. The Bible has answers. With Cardechism (Card - uh - kizzum) catechism cards for kids, parents and their children can build or strengthen a Biblical worldview in a visually-engaging, interactive, bite-sized way.
Contained within this card deck are 25 illustrated cards that each tackle a Biblical topic in a Q&A format, with proof verses for each answer. On the back of each card are related facts, questions and activities to help parents and children explore each topic further.

Hold and drag the slider on the adjacent image to preview one of the cards from the Boy's edition Cardechism deck.

To catch a glimpse of Cardechism in real life, see our
Cardechism video promo below (YouTube):

"Let's Go!" Adventure Kit

Parents! Want to help your child go out and explore God's vast creation, but aren't sure where to start? Our "Let's Go!" Adventure Kit gives you everything your child will need for repeated nature adventures, complete with challenges, rewards, and opportunities to spend quality time together with your child.










The adventure kit includes:


- 1 "Let's Go!" backpack that includes various exploration tools for your child's adventure:

       > 1 foldable metal detector (9V battery not included)

       > 1 sturdy digging shovel

       > 1 multitool that functions as a whistle, a compass, a flashlight, a thermometer, a mirror and a magnifying glass

- 2 laminated treasure hunt maps that have Bible-based clues to find things in nature and earn points; Once challenges have been checked off (use a non-permanent marker), maps can be wiped and re-used again for repeated adventures

- 2 alloy reward badges to pin to your child's backpack once they've earned sufficient points from the treasure hunts


Replacement/extra badges and maps available on request. Look out for new treasure map types and corresponding badges coming soon in our store collection!

See our music video, "On The Trail," for a glimpse of our adventure kits in action:

Faith + Family Music Album

We've been cooking up a number of songs about some of these adventures we've been having as a family, and we want to put them into an album so that you can join us in singing, dancing and reflecting on God's goodness in our lives. Check back in Q4 2023 for an update. For now, check out our original song and music video about God being a shepherd over us:

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